X Carraige -> Extruder Mount Connection

Could anyone with a TAZ 1.0 give me an idea of how the old style carriage and extruder mount connect?


The Budaschnozzle mounting plate is placed on above the two holes in the cutout on the top of this picture:

Then extruder body is placed on top and the two M4 screws are threaded from near the Budaschnozzle to the two captive nuts on the extruder body.


The extruder mount is mounted on the X axis carriage by removing the one screw in this image and placing the extruder mount into the channel along the bottom and allowing it to self center. Then secure the mount to the carriage with the one screw.


Excellent answer; thank you.

Cool LCD on that picture! I see some changes to the TAZ are coming.

Do you think I can retrofit this X axis connector to my AO-100? http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/2.0/documentation/2013Q4/source/images-1600x1200/X_axis_connectors.JPG :laughing:

We’re in the process of doing so in that image :stuck_out_tongue: