Z-wobble ninjaflex washer?

I’ve been following the anti-z wobble discussions, and I’ve found on my second taz, I’ve got more banding than my first one. Mostly on large parts, but we all know it’s there. I noticed a mention that there is now a ninjaflex disc used, and I was wondering if that is enough to get rid of the wobble, or should I still add in one of the more elaborate solutions? While I’m pretty handy, I’ve dreaded taking my printer apart to do this mod, but now that I have two, I’m not as worried.

I’m not sure any of the anti wobble setups in existance at the moment will fit the Taz 6. Mine uses the Taz 5 plate as part of it. Sebastian’s might fit, but I think he also uses that plate for anti rotation.

I may end up rebuilding a different one for the 6 here eventually.

I have 2 taz 5, not a 6.

So I saw the post on Sebastian’s thread that Lulzbot was testing a ninjaflex washer. Is that only on the 6?


The ninja flex washer is stock on the taz 6, you could fit it to a taz 5 easily enough. I like my antiwobble design so I won’t be switching to a disk.