Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA

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Re: Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA

Post by NathanA » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:41 am

I switched back to TGLASE for a while, then today started trying to work with a different sparkly blue PLA. Same problems. Nozzle clogs during print. I've tried upping the temp, which was recommended by Lulzbot, but up to 225 I get the same result.

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Re: Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA

Post by killacycle » Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:58 pm

Here is a hotend heatsink cooler duct that fits the Taz printer and Hexigon hotends that I built loosely based on the E3D hotend duct design:
Direct swap for the small blower on the Taz 5.

Here is an overhead spool holder that I designed and installed on my Taz5:

Since I installed the heat sink fan and the overhead spool holder, we have zero (zero) trouble with stuck nozzles, heat creep, grinding filament, etc. These two modifications cured _all_ of our problems with PLA and filled filaments. We don't even think about heat creep anymore. Seriously.

We also improved the print quality by improving the finished print cooling duct/fan. The Taz6 uses two cooling fans for the fresh finished print. This works fine and I have made this two fan modification to my Flexistrooder. You can do this two fan modification to any normal extruder and it works great.

On the normal extruder, I used a omni-directional duct with a blower:
I made a bracket to adapt it to the Taz, and to mount it from the left, rather than the right. (When you mount it on the right, the blower doesn't clear the rest of the drive.)
There are plenty of brackets that other folks have made for this outstanding duct. You can't see the part very well while it is printing, but the print comes out fantastically.

Bill D.

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