PETG profile????

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Re: PETG profile????

Post by AnatomyPrinter » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:11 pm

Menissalt wrote:
Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:11 pm
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Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:51 am
(Now if only there was a way to migrate those profiles to Simplify3D ;) )
I have a profile I use on S3D for my Taz 5 with a .35 nozzle. I've been fine tuning it for Maker Geeks PETG and it's still a WIP of course, currently my bridge settings are still in flux, PETG doesn't like to bridge to my standards.

I print 99% of the time with this filament so I've been able to get some great settings out of it if you're interested.
I'm having trouble with PETG printing on a Taz5, would love to see your settings.

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Re: PETG profile????

Post by Menissalt » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:12 pm

Extrusion Multiplier: Calibrate for each spool, sometimes within the same spool
Retraction: 3.2
Vertical Lift: 15
Retraction Speed: 3000
Coast at End: varies by nozzle size and calibration
Top/Bottom Layers: 1.2mm thick, however many layers you need for that
Outline: 1.2mm thick, same as above. More or less as desired for strength/quality vs speed/filament use
Choose start point closest to specific location: choose a good location for the seam
Skirt: enough to prime the nozzle, 3mm offset
Infill: varies by part, generally 130% width
External Infill Angle Offsets: 45, 90, -45, 180
Support: Never smaller than .2mm and at least 1.2x the nozzle width, I use multiple processes to fo this sometimes
Temp: Varies by brand/color, have to calibrate
Cooling: Not fair comparison, I have higher CFM fans. 5% at 1-2mm 60% at 5mm(ish)
Bridging fan speed: 100%
Speed: typically 1800-2600
Unsupported are threshold: 5
Extra inflation distance: 5
Bridging extrusion multiplier: 70
Bridging speed multiplier: 30
Filament diameter: measure frequently
Only retract when crossing open spaces
Minimum travel for retraction: 2mm
Avoid crossing outline for travel movements: 1.0

Pretty much everything else is default or changes too frequently based on too many factors. These settings are still something that I'm sure to change often and should just help you get a jumpstart on tuning your printer, brand, and color.

Starting Script

Code: Select all

M140 S[bed1_temperature] ; Set bed temp and don't wait
G91 ; switch to relative positioning
G1 Z6 ; safe raise of z axis to ensure probe doesn't hit bed clamp
G90 ; switch back to absolute positioning
G28 ; home all axes
M900 K0; Reset linear advance to 0
M190 S[bed1_temperature] ; Set bed temp and wait to be reached
M104 S180; Set extruder and do not wait - preheat
G29 ; Auto Level
M104 S[extruder0_temperature]; Set extruder and do not wait
G1 X280 Y5 Z2 F5000 ; move to wait position in right corner
M109 S[extruder0_temperature] ; Set extruder and wait
G1 Z0.4 E0 F1000 ; extrude filament back into nozzle
G1 Y0 F500.0	; move out of the print volume
G1 X250.0 F1000.0	; start purge line
G1 X0 E25 F1000.0	; finish purge line
G1 E20 F150 ; purge nozzle
G4 P5000	; Wait to let the plastic cool a little 
G1 X125.0 Y125.0 F15000 ; Move to middle to rip plastic off tip
G92 E0 ; set reset extruder position to 0
M117 TAZ Printing... ; LCD status message

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