Making Strong Parts

Help with printing with specific plastic filaments.
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Re: Making Strong Parts

Post by rufu5 » Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:58 pm

Theycallmejohn wrote:
rufu5 wrote:
Theycallmejohn wrote:go HAM and print polycarbonate
What does go HAM mean?
Some guys like a small ass...

Some guys like a big ass...

But no one likes a smart ass..

So i am guess you a referring to the Go Crazy usage aka the "Hard as a MF". Guess I would need a all metal hotend.

Bam, hows the all metal hotend coming along? Do you need any beta testers?
Apologies -- moment of weakness.

ABS with a %80 infill density will be relatively strong. I recommend the x-idler slice ... .50noz.ini
but printing in polycarbonate will be stronger. Most polycarbonates have a high coefficient of thermal expansion which means they will have a tendency to warp. Printing with the bed at 105c will help with this. Printing with a 4mm brim will help, too.

Happy printing,


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