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Taz 6 with 5 Extra Tool heads for Sale!! *Price Drop*

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:20 am
by pgpreda
I have a fully functioning , great condition taz 6 with tons of extras for sale. the extra's include 1 dual extruder tool head ($500), 1 micro aerostruder tool head ($300) 1 twoolhead ( a custom two extruder toolhead that is made to make 2 identical items at the same time $600 ... /twoolhead) two moarstruders one has a clogged nozzle ( yes im that lazy lol $800 total) and two heated print modular beds ($250 total). that equals $2450 retail total for the accessories and $2500 retail what i paid for the original taz 6.everything is in perfect functioning condition ( except for clogged moarstruder) I want $2000 total for everything i need to sell by saturday so make an offer. happy bidding everyone! email: phone 408^717^1442