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New PEI Added

Post by jolasa » Tue May 22, 2018 12:45 pm

Need to put a new PEI sheet on my Taz 6 bed.

Anybody in the Bay Area California who can do this for me? I supply the new PEI sheet, and will give you my bed for you to remove the old PEI, and add the new PEI sheet.

How much for this?


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Re: New PEI Added

Post by silent_ninja1 » Wed May 23, 2018 4:51 pm

Just mail it in to itworks3d, or do what I did and order a replacement heatbed, then can have a hotspare and send it in if you dont want to do it yourself. Personally, I used rapid tac rapid remover (vinyl adhesive remover) and it comes off like butter.

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Re: New PEI Added

Post by olantigh » Sat May 26, 2018 6:19 am

Just done it myself- there is a youtube video done by lulzbot that explains how easy it is ( - takes about two and half hours- oh and its very messy.
Put the PEI in the freezer for an hour.
Get a paint scrapper/stripper and begin to peel off the PEI- it should come off in one piece- takes three minutes.
Next soak a piece of paper towel in Methanol/Isopropanol and place on the sticky surface- do this in a well ventilated place- the fumes can make you ill.
Scrape the mess off until you can see your face in the surface- the hour long bit. The glass surface can't be damaged by scrapping- really all you are doing is wiping the mess off. A good polish to finish.
Peel off the paper off the back of the new PEI and slowly place slightly over lapping the edge. (don't take it off completely do it a step at a time- see video)
use a very flat scrapper to spread the PEI out flat and work any bubbles out as you go- my first go I got it 98% perfect.
However the surface I replaced works fine- just a bit messy, so prepare to get sticky- not a nice job to do- but isn't hard to do. Difficulty rating 3 out of 10. Messy rating 9 out of 10- beware sticky fingers afterwards- don't use the methanol to clean your hands- can burn your skin.
Have fun!

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