Help with Print Quality

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Help with Print Quality

Post by jrouthie » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:39 am

Relatively new user - and definitely new to the forum - so I apologize if this is something that should be in a preset heading somewhere else.

Our university bought a couple of TAZ6's last year and we've run them for a few design projects using both PLA and ABS. Recently, while printing some test stands for electrical equipment, I got an especially poor print. Kind of thin, and the filament seems to ball up. Eventually it quits extruding and runs the print with nothing coming out.

Since we just got back after holiday break, I remembered that right before break a student had this result on a personal print. And part of the issue seems to be the head not pulling filament off the spool very well. Although, yesterday when I purposefully "unspooled" quite a bit of filament it did not help.

I've attached some pics - hoping for some feedback.


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