Mini bearing pocket ID's

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Re: Mini bearing pocket ID's

Post by DawgBone » Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:23 pm

jebba wrote:
DawgBone wrote:Also, I'm not 100% sure,, but I think the "expert" profiles are just the same as the quick settings....
I tried printing with both, and couldn't see anything different while watching through the entire prints...
Ya, the quick settings and the expert settings are identical. If you switch to expert mode, you have to load an .ini, as it won't transfer over the config automagickally (but will in future rev).
Thanks jebba...

That puts me at ease!!!

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Re: Mini bearing pocket ID's

Post by rickam » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:25 am

Hi Jim,

I'm having a lot of the same issues, questions and frustrations as you with the Lulzbot mini. I can only seem to make a print using the "Quick Print" profiles in Cura. I have learned on the first day that this model uses Self levelling (you see the machine probe each corner of the print bed before each print). This allows the software to bias and compensate for the current alignment error and height of the bed. This sounds like a good feature as it makes this machine reliable and easy to use, but this convenience comes at the cost of its flexibility.

After my first test print (I printed something useful and not an octopus: it was a gear, quite similar to your example). I found that the detail was less than I expected and that I could not tweak the settings using advanced mode in Cura or I would loose the self levelling routine and have a failed print.

When I discovered this Mini machine has a large 0.5mm nozzle, I looked into changing it out for a small one. But Support tells me that this is not possible because of the Nozzle cleaning and bed levelling routine. I was disappointed, but I do also appreciate that this printer is a commercial product, so I need to change my attitudes about viewing it as I would a CNC mill with the ability to change tooling to match my project requirements.

It would be great if a profile was released to allow for a 0.25 and 0.35 nozzles on this machine or instructions to print TAZ bed levelling parts to adapt to the printer.

What attracted me to this machine was it's nice clean design, rigid frame and small footprint. The specifications also indicate that it is capable of very fine layers from 0.05mm (but I can't seem to change any parameters in software). The large fixed nozzle size of 0.5mm does not seem to be mentioned in any advertised/Pre-sale specifications.

I will leave my machine as-is and not make any changes to it. I do like it as it is very close to being perfect and that's what kills me the most. But I do have my fingers crossed that some new profiles or approved nozzle options will be available with time.

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Re: Mini bearing pocket ID's

Post by BaltimoreBully » Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:02 am

You can switch to expert settings and just copy over the g code for the nozzle cleaning and self leveling. I have only printed in the quick settings once. And that was for the test rock top us print. Just transfer over the basic profile from quick print to expert settings and then tweak it all you want to. I mostly print at .3mm layer height because this is really fast with the .5mm nozzle and still give a out decent quality but not perfect. If I want a more finished looking piece I print at .1. I haven't tried to print at .05 because the print times are really long and I don't think the increase in quality would be worth the extra wait.

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