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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:14 am
by piercet
Jel111 wrote:I just picked up a used AO 101. I want to get into 3d printing but the good ones are expensive so I bought an older Bot hoping it is still good.
My thoughts are what is still possible with this machine and Lulzbot doesn't support it anymore. I see no action for over a year on that forum section. Guess on on my own?
They are still a good machine. There is a quite extensive upgrade path if you decide to go that route. I tend to focus more on Taz upgrades now, but the AO-101 is still a solid performer and you can get them printing at or better than stock Taz quality if you put in the effort.

Welcome to the forum!

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:00 pm
by Jel111
Hey thanks a lot! Love all the links. I just need to get it printing right now. I didn't print anything yet. I wanted to read up a little more while waiting on the filament. The mod I am thinking of doing first is the LCD. Get that rolling right and then change to the flexible head. Their flexible head is very expensive but I am sure there is a cheaper way. Once I find my way around and all these links are just what I needed.

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:29 pm
by piercet
You can print your own flexistruder if you like as well. the files for it are in . You would need to find another budaschozzle somewhere ( may still have some) and you would need to source the drill bits from McMaster carr, but the instructions to make one are here

you would need a different mounting carriage, and the AO-101 wasn't designed for extruder swapping at all, so swapping It in is a pain unless you change to a different carriage setup, but its doable.

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:07 pm
by big_i80
A bit about yourself:
Hi. I'm big_i80, won't say my name unless I know you. Sorry. I have a mechanical engineering degree and have worked in the medical device industry for nearly 15 years. I've worked in multiple machine design and manufacturing engineering jobs over the years. I currently work as a manufacturing engineer working on Mitral Heart Valve Repair. Over the course of my career I've made more parts than I could count in the machine shop and designed even more. I have my own company on the side for engineering and design work. For fun and giggles I play with arduino controllers, programming and board level electronics. By being at the right place at the right time I've outfitted my shop at home with a mill, lathe, welding gear and nearly everything else I could use for. I also purchased a license for 2016 SolidWorks in December. Fun stuff.

3D printer experience:
Several companies I've worked for have had a 3d printer. The last 2 facilities both had Stratasysprinters which were pretty nice but I was not impressed with the fact you had to purchase the material from them. You couldn't even rewind the spools! Extremely handy for low cost tooling and prototype designs. I figured I would buy one eventually when the time was right. I found a TAZ 5 on an online auctionand won it for $575 out the door. Very nice shape. Not a big deal since I can rebuild anything I want in my machine shop.

Why I got into 3d printing:
Very handy, adds another skill to my tool box and I can use it to make anything I want to create. My kids are excited, they want toys built and Harry Potter glasses. :)

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:29 pm
by Jel111
Who am I?
I am an early retired guy of 50. I had gotten hurt and can not work anymore. I did that for 25 years here in Chicago and I have also been a furniture maker and Photographer.

What's with that username?
Just something that is easy to remember and type no meaning to it at all. I have had that since the first post I have made on a computer.

3D printer experience
My 3d printer experience is a big fat 0. I have absolutely none except watching a friend set his new one up and try to print the first calibration and couldn't. I bought a printer on E-bay that was together plus a bunch of extra parts for real cheap. I know that I can build one mechanically it is just the other part that is hard for me only but because I do not know it yet. So I thought it an easy way to get into it. Then the same day I won another printer! Yea totally unexpected. A Lulzbot AO 101 printer and ended up with two. That one was supposed to work but I haven't been able to get it to print yet. It was also very cheap so I am ok with that because it is all there and is in great shape. I am very close and once I get my way around things and figure it out I will finish that Prusa I3 I won. With all the extra parts he sent with that one I am thinking of making a third once I figure this thing out! Maybe one of the taller models or even a real small one to do quick prints at my desk. I would actually like to get the Prusa I3 knock off working and get that new multi-head they have. That would be awesome. I have been thinking of 3D printing ever since I heard of it and now I have the chance to do it and I won't quit. I am going to get these things working!

What I have printed so far
Absolutely Nothing!

Why I got into 3D printing
I am a tech nerd that loves this or any geeky kinda stuff. The kind of stuff that you have to tinker with but when you get it working it is very cool to see what you can make. I also do woodworking and would love to print some Jigs. The jig market for woodworking or metal working is expensive. You can make these things yourself out of wood for cheaper but they are not as accurate or wear quickly. If I can print these things I could save a ton of money and have a load of fun doing it. I can also refine them to be exactly what I want not something that covers things I do not need. I would love to design some jigs. I have a few Ideas. All in all it would be totally worth it. Only of course if I can get this thing going.

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:17 pm
by CRobinson
Hello all,

Taking a stop to make the necessary introductions. You can just call me CRobinson (i'm a little skeptical about giving up my full name online) or CR. I have no 3d printing experience except from helping my friends put theirs together and being around for the test run. I must admit that I am very intrigued by the lulzbot printers and I want to take the time to learn as much about them and 3d printing as I can. I have been eyeing a few used models, but I am not sure if I should get one of those or just put in the time and effort to build one of my own. I hope to learn a lot from the more professional printers on here, so please bear with me if i have any newbie questions :D Thanks!

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:43 pm

For my 75th birthday almost 3 years ago my two children, (1 phd female biochemist and 1 male systems engineer, who now runs his own hi-tech 1 man manufacturing company) gave me a Makerbot mini. Totally unexpected and appropriate as I am a retired engineer, formally running a small hi-tech company designing and manufacturing, specializing in underwater acoustic systems. I am also a gearhead, although an EE by training.
I used (or tried to use) the mini for a year and a half, repairing the unrepairable extruder many times. I bought a second, thinking that by now (Fall 2015) surely they would have fixed the problem, (heat creep), but after a few months it too couldn't be repaired, so in December 2015 my son said why don't you buy a decent printer?
A little research pointed me to the Taz5, whiich I ordered. Of course shortly afterwards Makerbot introduced their extruder+, which seemed to work fine. However I already had the 5 and was very happy with it, so I gave the Makerbot to local school.
So what do I use it for? Models for my HO model RR, (outhouses are a recent favorite of my RR friends), Prototype parts for my son's products ( I also have a lathe, drill press, etc) and misc things which I downloaded from Sketchup. Right now I am working on an HO bridge.

Most of my printing has been with PLA (no effort to control humidity), although I am planning to use PETG. I am on Cape Cod, a very humid place in 3 seasons and have never had a problem with moisture.

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:30 am
by jhaack
A bit about yourself:
I'm John. I have 2 (now 3) time consuming hobbies (triathlon/fitness[used to weigh 305, now 190], and playing bagpipes). I own a plastics manufacturing business with my brothers. One brother and I operate it. We mainly injection mold our own grocery/food handling related product line. Some light fabrication, some extrusion, some vacuum forming.

3D printer experiance:

Started off with a DIY kit (mostly just assembly and connecting wires, most of the tricky bits were already mounted/assembled) for Christmas. My Dad got it for me. Initially I was ticked. My brother and I had decided we were going to start off with a 'commercial' ready-to-go brand. However, I'm really glad of the way it worked out. I've decided that kit was a FORGERY from China of a no-name Chinese brand (you know it's a hot industry when forgers are forging no-name brands), but that's another story. But, it was (and still is) a pretty good little jobbie for <$200. To get it to work, I had to learn "enough". To get it to print better than 'out-of-the-box'...I had to learn a fair amount. All of that has paid off big time with graduation to the Taz 6. I have far greater understanding. Far greater ability to achieve better results because of what I gained. Someday, I'll take that thing apart and rebuild the structure itself...for a bigger build area and better results. It's pretty rickety.

Why I got into 3d printing:
Because it's fun. It's interesting. I can create applications for my other hobbies. But, I also own a plastics manufacturing company. And it would be downright dumb not to have an understanding of this tech. Granted, we're not likely to do a whole lot with it in terms of making usable stuff. A few odd bits here and there we've done and will continue to do. But, just like the CNC stuff we did, it will pay off. We bought, gutted, and rebuilt a large format flatbed CNC router. Then built from scratch another one. We've used them for production, prototyping, etc....maybe...MAYBE a dozen times. But, the real payoff was learning some form of CAD (in 2D at the time). A few years ago, we developed a mold that required essentially a significant array of what amount to 2d inserts. The first inserts we had done....were by an old-school guy on an old-school waterjet who I assume plotted the G-code straight up. Basically guesswork at what we wanted...and very difficult and expensive to replicate and change. When I figured out that I could apply the CAD that I knew, what used to cost $200 for one part....I can now get done maybe 15-20 pieces for $120 by sending off the blanks and emailing the CAD file to a laser cutter outfit. And the turnaround has gone from a couple weeks to 2 days. And one of those days is an hour of time loading up the template and making the adjustments and driving the blanks over to the cutter.

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:52 am
by OutcastZeroOne
Greetings! I just got a mini dropped off at my feet on the 15th and it's been running almost non-stop since I placed it into its new home next to my desk. It's my first 3D printer and I'm having fun with and loosing lots of sleep as my brain keeps thinking of things to make :p

So far I made some parts for my RC Aircraft and am in the middle of a 15hour print for a fan/filter attachment for my machine. If anyone wants I can upload the files when it's all done. I am also hopping to make an enclosure around it to help keep the work area more thermally stable and particulate free.

So yeah, not sure what else to say here, so HI! :p

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 5:09 am
by Steve_frank
Hi, I am new to this forum. Very excited to join the forum. 3D printing a well-maintained forum. I have done a project on a 3D printer. Is it possible to print large objects using a 3D printer?