The "Introduce yourself" topic.

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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by zedwizz » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:03 am

Hello fellow wife annoying 3D printing chaps!

A bit about yourself:
My name is Martin and I am from the UK. I work as a supervisor for a company that manufactures parts for Airbus. My first passion is playing around with cars but now as I’m getting closer to the big five ‘O’ it’s getting to be more of an effort to roll around under them. Last Christmas I stumbled upon 3D printing which has lead me to you lot :D

3D printer experience:
Brought a cheap CTC I3 eBay special to play around with over last Christmas and have now found myself building a TAZ 6 clone.

Why I got into 3d printing:
I got into 3d printing because machine shop guys take so bloody long to do your homework when you need it :D
And because I have at work access to make most things from most materials apart from plastic which I find useful when prototype protects.

Tim VB-3D
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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by Tim VB-3D » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:03 am

Why not make this my first post, right?

My name is Tim, and my wife and I started VB-3D. We are developing a nylon blend filament that uptakes moisture at an extremely slow rate, so you can leave your filament out and keep printing without a problem. Right now, we can go about 4 days with the filament in the open in my garage in North Carolina and still print without any popping or sizzling. We have a couple more tweaks to test before we jump all in. A family member is using a similar formula in a carpet manufacturing business they own and with a filament half as thick as your hair, they are getting months of having the fiber out in the open with no problems.

We purchased a Lulzbot Mini to do our testing, and love the Cura Software. We got into the printing just so that we can test filaments, and once we have figured out the filament blend, and some settings, we plan to go all in and launch a full scale production of the nylon, and introduce a few other fun filaments to the market!

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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by dennisma » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:46 am

A bit about yourself:
My name is Dennis and I live in New Jersey, USA. Twelve years ago my wife started a school that teaches Robotics and Programming and it has bloomed into a school that has almost 300 students. We compete in robotics competitions Nationally and Internationally. Because of this, we do a great deal of 3D printing for chassis, parts and sensor mounts. We teach a course in CAD design and 3D printing to help kids build their own models to enhance their robots.

3D printer experience:
First printer was a Makerbot 2. Own several Printrbots and an old Robo 3D and now own a Taz 6. Most of my design work is in OpenSCAD (my background is in software development). Sometimes we use Sculptris for more "organic" models.

Why I got into 3d printing:
Work related as mentioned above.

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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by Edge » Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:11 am

A bit about yourself: Name Kelly, worked as a design engineer for 36 years contributing to aircraft, spacecraft and commercial end items. For the last 15 years I have been working as a full time Design Engineering consultant, trainer and the founder and publisher of the website Engineers Edge.

3D Printer Experience: Just ordered a TAZ6, I have many years of experience ordering rapid prototype model from services suppliers – this will be my first move into actually printing the models myself.

Why I got into 3D printing: Hopefully ~ faster return of models, rebuilt some engineering training models I have, presents, try out some ideals and it’s just cool.

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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by kmanley57 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:31 pm

A bit about yourself:
My name is Keith, and was a Manufacturing technician for ~30 years before I started a new career in E-commerce. Which gives me lots of free time to volunteer and share some of my electronic/mechanical skills.

3D printer experience:
Started fixing the local AO-100 printers in a couple local maker spaces when the persons who were, found new jobs and no longer had the time to fix them. Then was asked to help refurbish/repair 3D printers for a local start-up company and train others in fixing Lulzbot printers and others that are sent in for repairs. Have a KITTAZ that I reassembled and is currently a Taz 5, then a Taz 6 I bought, and a Mini prototype. I have printed quite a few replacement parts the last 3-4 years now, where I got a lot of printing experience. I also have couple of other 3D printers Bibo Touch, Tevo Little Monster, and Geetech Rostock clone. Also a couple deltas clones that I still need to finish building. :oops:

Why I got into 3d printing:
Work related as mentioned above.
I will express my CRAZY ideas at any time! So you have been warned. None of my opinions are Lulzbots and can be wrong at any second.

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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by tigershahkhan07 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:03 pm


This is my second post, I thought I might as well introduce myself as well.
A bit about myself:
I go by the name of Tigershahkhan, I from the south, typical southern boy, I play a hell of alot of sports, I love to read, I do alot and hence the reason I got into 3d printing. I am a very proud owner of a TAZ 5 printer with a flexdually tool head. I started at the makerspace around me Lulzbot mini in Durham North Carolina and then took a class just so I could use the makerspace at North Carolina State University and now have a makerspace in my garage.
Why I got into 3d printing
Well, thats a hard question for me, I think I got into it because I saw the future. Not the future of a 3d printer in everywhere (even though I think it will come) I saw my future. The ability to come up with anything, my imagination can run wild, I said why not? I thought myself Solidworks and now the rest is history. I have printed bottle caps, wall brackets, many a alienmen and octupi? Now looking to use this skill to the next level with dual extrusion printing
Anyway, I would say I am intermediate, I am saying that because I have read some post and am aware of many of the topics since I have had many similiar issues with people here. Other then that, glad to be part of the forum


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kyle vick
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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by kyle vick » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:59 pm

Hello all,
Apologies, Probably should have done this a while back.

A bit about yourself:
My name Kyle Vick. I am a Navy orofacial pain specialist. I treat pain from the collar bone up. I have training in jewellery making, dentistry, and landscape architecture.I also have a compulsion to create... ( a sickness really) and my Rhino 3D and Taz 6 let the creativity out!

3D printer experience:
I didn't really learn much 3d drafting until I bought my Taz 6. I am still a newbie to 3d printing but am learning quickly.

Why I got into 3d printing:
I have also been a car freek for most of my life and built several hotrods. I was carving matt wax and casting shift knobs in bronze. I had done lots of 2D drafting while working for a planning department - using Autocad 10/11.. on a sun workstation.. yes i'm old :) They were just getting into 3D then and it was really difficult. I started playing with Zbrush and Rhino hoping to reduce the difficulty in reproducing a design for casting.

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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by relayengineer » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:11 pm

A bit about myself: We are a group of technicians that work on electrical utility equipment. Transformers, circuit switchers, circuit breakers, capacitor banks, reclosers, digital relays, etc. A lot of this stuff is old and the manufacturers are out of business. Some manufacturers just try to rob you on repair parts. (read on)

3D Printer Experience: Taz 6 - 18 months; added a V2 Dual Extruder - 2 days

Why I got into 3D printing: We purchase a part that costs $70 that we can make for $0.50 in filament.

Where I want to go with my 3D Printing: Be able to draw upgraded parts, useful tools, and gadgets. We use 123Design, the free Autodesk software, and we hate life because of it.

Coolest thing, to me, that I've printed so far: Everything.

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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by heimannm » Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:00 pm

Mark here, just got a Lulzbot TAZ6 with the idea I will make NLA parts for chainsaws (my real passion). For the next while I will have the Engineers where I work draw up the parts and I will print them. So far they have a couple of items designed and I have made a few parts, even sold a few.

We printed a few items at work (president of the company wanted the Engineers to get innovative so they bought a Lulzbot TAZ6) so I knew it was possible.

Now to come up with some more suitable items to produce.


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Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Post by PeterT » Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:56 pm

A bit about yourself:
Hi all. My name is Peter. Well, let's see. I used to take radios apart and make contraptions. Fast forward many years, and I got into 3D surface modeling (I need to say "Surface" but back, I had no idea about solids, circa 1987). I was once of the first kids on the "block" with an Amiga computer. I hocked my Apple IIe system and got a paper route to make up the cost difference. I learned Ray Tracing, and ended up in the video game biz around 1992. It's been quite a few years since I modeled anything, as my career took me our of art and into product management. I always had a love for 3D, but I needed more...

Introducing the Newmatter on the funding site. I bought one as in intro. It was great...until it wasn't. No details. Let's just say, it jammed up...big time. But the bug had bit. I'm researching printers, looking around, and low and behold, there, on eBay, was a gentleman in FL selling a ever so slightly used TAZ 5 for an unreasonably good price. After talking with him, it seemed his wife wasn't thrilled about the printer, and he wasn't the most mechanically inclined. My gain...

3D printer experience:
So that's where I am today. I got rid of the NewMatter and have made some mods fro my TAZ5. I installed Piercet's z-wobble fix, put thicker PEI sheet on, added an Octoprint unit, some lights, beefed up the bearings and rods, and here I am. Oh, I also just upgraded to an Aerostruder head!

Why I got into 3d printing:
Why? Why do dogs lick...OK, too graphic, but hey, as a guy, that's the answer.
I love 3D. Modeling is deep in my DNA. Solids gives me an opportunity to manifest ideas into reality. I've designed and built a number of doodads (technical jargon). Some are practical, some are not. I've printed a bunch of stuff from the web (some practical...). But its the joy of creating something from nothing (or at least a strand of plastic). And I'm digging the new composite materials, like iron, wood, etc.!

OK, there you have it.
Taz 5
Misumi hardened rods and bearings
Piercet Anti wobble Z-nut
Raspberry Pi w/ Octoprint and remote power control
Aerostrudder Head

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