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The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:10 pm
by piercet
I got to thinking, and I realized we have a growing community here hosted by the Lulzbotites (Lulzbotanians? Lulzbotanists? Hmm.) and I see people posting, but I know little about most of them, which begs the usual questions like "Who are they? what are they 3D printing? Do they like Wombats?" You know, the usual stuff. Since we don't have a "general" or "off Topic" section of the forum, I figure this is as good a place as any for that type of thread.

Since this is my silly idea, I'll go ahead and start. Seems fair anyways.

A bit about yourself:
My name is Tim Pierce (you can probably guess where my shockingly origional username came from...) and I am a Regional Server and Network Administrator with the Department of Transportation in Washington. I live in the southern (soggy) half of the state. I've been building and breaking computers and related bits since I was 12, and I specialize in higher end gaming / engineering PC's and custom case builds when I'm not playing with server racks, amongst too many other hobbies. In addition to being a server admin, I also run a fairly large MMO gaming forum community. I do not work for Lulzbot (I only mention that because there are people who do work for them running around here without red names and somene asked once) Oh, and wombats are awsome!

3D printer experiance:
I have what started out as a stock AO-100. This is my first 3D printer, but not my first CNC device. I do have an aluminum capable CNC mill out in the garage, and I have been tinkering with CNC routers off and on since High school on a hobby basis. I enjoy tinkering with them and learning all the secrets of 3d printerness. My end goal is to maybe offer an upgrade kit or something along those lines someday.

Why I got into 3d printing:
I want to make some of the parts I need to upgrade my CNC mill (small pulley covers, etc.) as well as various radio controll helicopter, computer case modification, and other parts as the mood takes me. I find that the ability to think up a thought, then turn it into a real thing is one of the most satisfying feelings around.

I think that covers most of it. What about the rest of you?

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:21 pm
by Theycallmejohn
Okay I will introduce myself as a fellow Lulzbotter. Piercet (or do you prefer we refer to you as Tim) I will follow your subject lead.

A Bit About Myself. My name is John Schiesser. I am a Project Manager for Design Supplier here in Southern California. (We engineer a system then sell the parts). I want to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for a degree in Civil Engineer. Recently I received my license as Professional Civil Engineer from the State of California. I don't have lot electrical and mechanical experience but I have done drafting and design work for a small industrial engineering work. I have self-taught myself Solidworks and use AutoCAD extensively for my job. That being said I am always trying to learn something new and find a better, faster, & more efficient way to do it. I am currently working on several projects strut frame workbench, self watering planter, my own designed 3D printer, to name a few. (Though my AO-101 3D printer is my favorite.) In the future I would like to get a lathe and build a CNC mill or laser cutter. I would like to meet more local 3D printer enthusiasts.

3D Printer Experience: I started researching 3D Printing about nine months ago to solve an issue another project I had to put it on hold though to study for my professional engineers exam. A couple days after hearing about my exam results I saw the AO-101 on sale on ebay. So since about the first of the year I have been printing away (when I haven't temporarily broken it....)

Why I got into 3d printing: Well as I kind of mentioned it above I wanted to use it for another project and the more I started researching it the more I realized the true potential.

Where I want to go with my 3D Printing: Well I would like to follow Piercet's (Tim's) lead and try our some improvement then design my own 3D printer for printing large scale printing. I am also working on drafting up the printer in Solidworks so I can make my improvements there first before real life. I would also like to do some 3D printing for small engineering companies to make some extra cash but so far I am having issue with reliability.

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:27 pm
by rvs
A bit about myself: My name is Robert. I am a piano technician in Arizona. When I was young I use to sit on an upside-down 5 gallon bucket in my dad’s den watching him draft in CAD. He was a woodworker, then contractor, then maintenance director and now retired. Therefore, I grew up in a wood shop working with my hands and tools. He also showed me how to put computers together when they first started coming out, and I've been building my own systems since. I studied music at ASU and also worked there as a piano technician for many years. I paired up with a piano manufacturer in Scottsdale when they started their business back in 2005, and now I do the design work of the pianos in CAD and design/build some of the piano components myself.

3D Printer Experience: I can’t remember how I came across 3D printing, but after a lot of research, I decided to go with Lulzbot because of their product, and just as important, their open philosophy. This was just after the TAZ1 came out and it would sell out each day they announced they had some in stock. So I missed my chance to buy one twice, and that was just when they stopped production over the summer to tool up for TAZ2. That was a difficult summer wanting to get into 3D printing, but having to wait 6 months before I could get the model I wanted from the manufacturer I wanted. I placed my order when the TAZ2 became available through Fundable. I've only had it for two months now, but can’t remember the last time I had so much fun with a tool. Whatever that happiness is right before you reach giddy, that’s where I am at.

Why I got into 3D printing: There is a metal fixture that attaches to a dremel tool we piano technicians can use to file the hammers on a piano, but the opening is only about 11mm. Sometimes you come across a set of hammers that are 11.5mm wide or 12mm wide, and it is such a pain because you have to end up doing the whole job by hand because the fixture won’t fit the hammer. Some techs would file out the opening for wider hammers, but then you lose the flat surface that helps you cut at a perpendicular angle to the hammer side. That is what got me into 3D printing. I realized I could print the fixture with different openings. I could have one in each width, and I could design the tool to thread directly onto the dremel tool. This was something the original metal fixture did not do; it had an awkward set screw that got in the way.

Where I want to go with my 3D Printing: Well I didn't buy a thousand plus dollar printer for just the one fixture mentioned above. Once I started to think of all the other fixtures and custom things I could make, I was sold. The more I design and print the more I realize I can make. I am thinking of becoming the supplier for some of these custom fixtures which are specific to my industry, since it is such a small group of professionals and because I have an edge knowing exactly how my peers need to interact with the fixtures. Even if I don’t want to be a supplier, the printer has helped me fix so many of my own problems in my career and around the house. I am right there with Piercet about turning an idea into a real thing, I think it is very satisfying. I can think up, design, and print something custom that helps me take a task, which can take an hour, and reduce it to a few minutes. Yeah, I am just shy of being giddy about it.

Coolest thing, to me, that I've printed so far: Instead of buying nine generic follow focus gears for camera lenses, I learned gear design, and printed nine custom gears to fit each lens exactly. That would have been $45 each, so basically saved myself $405. :D

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:07 pm
by bwanamukubwa
A bit about myself: My name is Bwana and i'm a mechanical engineer and firefighter. I've built a few multirotors namely quadcopters and am into hangliding, snowboarding, and motorcycles. My milemarker is to make a POV follow me quadcopter to film with and to be able to apply it to search and rescue or other practical applications.

3D Printer Experience: None - other than using the Mega 2560 and Arduino with quadcopters.

Why I got into 3D printing: I have been using Solidworks for many years and have a background in FEA so i feel inclined to make things.

Where I want to go with my 3D Printing: I'd like to print parts up to 24" in diameter up to 12" tall in Polypropylene, PVC-C, PVDF, and possibly figure out how to extrude any kind of Teflon into usable parts. I think there is a great need for these parts in niche industries.

Coolest thing, to me, that I've printed so far: Lithophanes and a few elliptical and nautilus gears.

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:14 pm
by 2con
A bit about myself:
I am an architectural technologist currently employed at a large architectural firm in Alberta Canada. My dad has owned his signage business for over 35 years so i've been into lights and LEDs my whole life. I modded my xbox 1st gen with 80+ leds, modchip, and a bunch of other pointless but awesome features when I was in grade 8.

Why I got into 3D printing:
I build architectural models in revit 2014 every day as well as do detailed construction documents. I feel like i have a good chance at 3d printing due to my backround;I just need to learn the ropes first. Im trying to get my company to buy a 3d printing so im doing my best to learn as much as i can.

Where I want to go with my 3D Printing:
I want to invent a 3d printed exterior or interior paneling (cladding) system. Eventually use metal 3d printing.

Coolest thing ive printed so far?:
A lens cap for my camera! Im taking it slow

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:40 am
by Geek2Nurse
I was forum-stalking Piercet after noticing that we're neighbors, and ran across this thread. It seems like one that needs reviving, so I'll use it for my first foray into the Lulzbot forums. :)

A Bit About Myself:

In my first life I graduated from Texas A&M with an electrical engineering degree, mainly because computer science wasn't a major yet (at the risk of giving away my age, the IBM PC was introduced the summer after I graduated). I spent the next few years raising my kids and dabbling in software development (when I could wrestle my keyboard away from them), mostly writing games for them to play on my souped-up PCjr. I've done computer repair (back when you had to stuff in hundreds of DIP chips to do a memory upgrade and motherboards could actually be modified with a steady hand and a soldering iron), lots of user / tech support, and ultimately ended up in interactive Web development and SQL database design before being laid off in the aftermath of 9/11 and the tech industry crash. After that I started over again with a 4-year nursing degree and then in short order went back for a master's and became a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

To most people these seem like totally unrelated careers, but actually I find that pharmacology is a lot like software development -- you have a set of tools, each of which accomplishes its task in a certain way with its own set of inputs and outputs, and you have to combine those in the most effective / efficient way to accomplish a specific goal. 8-) As for my electrical engineering training, I've pretty much forgotten all the useful stuff, and the software/hardware world has completely left me behind, technologically speaking, so I find myself in the "stupid user" seat far more often than I like, these days. :oops:

3D Printing Experience:

Very little. I've secretly wanted a 3D printer ever since I saw an article about the first ones under development some 30 years ago. I finally gave in and indulged myself this year when I saw an ad for the M3D, which looked easy enough for an old engineer with very little free time to play with. I very quickly learned there is no such thing as "out of the box" in 3D printing, and after making a number of physical modifications, scrapping the bundled software, spending hours/days tweaking calibration and filament feed paths, and finally getting a few decent prints out of it, while STILL waiting, after multiple requests, to be admitted to the super-secret, highly-classified users-only M3D forums to which only a select few ever manage to gain access, I brought it along on my vacation trip home to Texas and gave it to one of my brothers. After doing a better job of research this time around (because now I know a little bit more about what I should have looked for!) I've ordered myself a LulzBot Taz 5, which will be waiting for me when I get home in a couple of weeks. (I checked first to be sure I could access the user forums, and lo and behold, they just let ANYBODY in here; no forms to submit requiring order number / serial number that nobody ever responds to, or anything! :D )

Why I Got Into 3D Printing:

Long answer: In my distant engineering past I've worked in AutoCAD, and I used to moonlight with my afore-mentioned brother, who is a graphic designer (the Bank of America and Hilton logos are some of his work) building 3D models in 3D Studio for computer games. The most famous of those, although you've probably never heard of it, was Star General, and the two of us built most of the spaceships for it. The idea of being able to build something and actually hold it in my hands thrills me to indescribable depths. :D

Short answer: Because no matter how grown up I might look on the outside, on the inside I'm still a geeky teenager who simply can't resist cool gadgets. :geek:

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:59 pm
by piercet
Geek2Nurse wrote:I was forum-stalking Piercet after noticing that we're neighbors, and ran across this thread. It seems like one that needs reviving, so I'll use it for my first foray into the Lulzbot forums. :)
Hi there nearby neighbor! Welcome to the forum!

Also, hey, neat, a sticky thread!

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:25 pm
by Geek2Nurse
piercet wrote:Hi there nearby neighbor! Welcome to the forum!
Happy to be here; can't wait to get started! :geek:

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:17 pm
by catzcradle
Good idea! (Wombats? You weren't in the Banzai mechwarrior group were you?)

A bit about myself

My name is Dorian Ferrari. I run a small (myself) business (Catz Design Farm) out of my house that does 3D product development work for startups and small businesses to help them make prototype or production ready consumer products. I worked for Mattel for 20+ years in digital development up to middle management and last year struck out on my own. I am an avid PC gamer, and have done a lot of online games over the years as well, but not as much now. I build my own computers, and have been since the 286 days. I use my 3D printers for prototyping mainly.

3D printer experience

A little bit of a loaded question. For repraps, I've had my printer (Taz) for a year, and a Makeit pro for 6 months. I've been working with SLA machines for about 15 years since Mattel got their first 3D systems machine. While I'm pretty technically adept, I'm not that into building printers from scratch, but look for machines that can support my business without a lot of mechanical tinkering. Though I have rebuilt my printhead a few times now.

Why I got into 3D printing

Since I've used rapid prototyping tech to develop products for so long, the home-based printers were a natural addition to allow me to support my product development business without a lot of cost. I've also been able to utilize the printers to replace a lot of stuff that breaks around the house!

Re: The "Introduce yourself" topic.

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:19 pm
by gleblanc
So, I guess I'll join in this event.

A bit about yourself:
My name is Greg Leblanc, and I'm the senior manufacturing engineer at a plant that builds medium duty trucks in West Virginia. My undergrad work was in EE and my masters in Semi-conductor manufacturing, which essentially means that I'm well trained in troubleshooting. In my past life I worked in IT, and still dabble a bit in freelance. I've got a 1953 South Bend lathe sitting in my garage, and a few hours running manual mills and lathes. Also, wombats are cool, but not quite as cool as platypodes!

3D printer experiance:
$ork just ordered a Lulzbot TAZ 5, along with a few bits and pieces to go with it. I'm not even sure when it will be here, but being the most senior engineer, I'm sure I'll end up working with this thing a lot, and trying to justify it's existence. I've hankered for one since I read about the reprap close to a decade ago.

Why I got into 3d printing:
We're in the midst of several big expansions for the plant here, and just got a corporate seat of CATIA for us lowly manufacturing engineers (previously only the R&D department had 3D CAD). I'm hoping to find uses for this thing to make test fixtures and various jigs for the plant, and maybe print enough parts to have one at home for the kids science fair projects and the like.

I've been reading the forums for a couple of days, and downloaded a few things like the 75mm disks and 20mm cylinders. I'd like to print the digital sundial and the satnogs rotator, once I get up to speed, and before I start 3d printing my own designs.