Best Practice for Swapping In & Out Tool Heads

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Best Practice for Swapping In & Out Tool Heads

Post by joshea » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:09 am

So I have recently acquired, and installed the new SL Tool Head for my Taz 6 and love it. However, while great for nice, detailed prints, there are times I am going to want to do quick, bulky prints, at like 0.3 mm layers. This of course isn't what the SL is for and is better served for the original tool head that came with the printer.

But I was wondering, what is a good practice for swapping back and forth tool heads? Do I literally just put on the other head, update the Z-Offset and E-Step (and of course use the correct CURA profile) and I am all good? I am going to assume I don't have to install Firmware regularly when swapping, since that really doesn't make sense to me to do (I'm net even sure how I would even do so anyway with the stock single extruder tool head, since there's no option in CURA to do this).

(For the record when I installed the firmware when installing the SL Tool head, the two parameters mentioned were the only ones to change).
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Re: Best Practice for Swapping In & Out Tool Heads

Post by Galadriel » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:59 pm

You will need to flash your firmware when switching back to the stock toolhead, the reason for this is that the firmware on your printer tells it which toolhead is currently installed and allow the printer to account for the slight variances from toolhead to toolhead. We have a guide that goes over flashing the firmware here: ... rough-cura
The process to flash the firmware is basically the same as it would have been when you flashed the firmware for the SL toolhead you received. You will select the printer profile for the setup you are moving to then click on the light green box where your printer name is displayed in the upper right of Cura, select manage printers which will open your preferences page. From here click on the button that says Upgrade Firmware. Along the bottom of the new window that opens select the button labeled Automatically Upgrade Firmware. This will flash the firmware on your printer to whatever profile you selected in Cura at the start of this process. (You will want to make sure you are updating your E-Steps and Z-Offset anytime you flash your firmware.)

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