Cura won't save gcode

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Cura won't save gcode

Post by Brek » Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:29 pm

Using the 21.08 Lulzbot edition.

Opened the rock2pus gcode fine, then saved it on the SD card. Ran that one after a bit of z-axis adjusting and it looks good.

Opened the 3dbenchy and changed to polylite filament (file is for nGen and I used all the sample up) as I wanted to see how their default settings, 205 vs the 230 reccommended, work for polylite.

The icon opens the save window, but nothing gets saved whether I chose the SD card or custom file destination. Hit OK and it disappears without saving anything.

Copied it to my c drive and it opens, but still wont save any changes.

Any way to get around this? Do I need to do something within Cura to make it save?

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