Best Glues??

Help with printing with specific plastic filaments.
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Re: Best Glues??

Post by myeager » Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:08 pm

Love this info. But here's a curve ball. I use an X-carve for a lot of parts where it makes sense to machine a flat sheet. Its a matter of seconds to produce a part instead of the hours it would take to print on the Taz. And I now use the Taz for a lot of other parts where a part just cannot be produced from sheeted parts.

On the X-carve I am addicted to sheets of HDPE (although I also use acrylic and ABS). HDPE is really easy to machine and relatively cheap compared to other sheeted plastics. So far, I have only used nGen on the Taz since I've only had a few months and know little about the other filaments. Is it possible to glue HDPE to nGen? Or to any of the other filaments? Does anyone know where you can get sheets of co-polyester that I can use with the X-carve and then glue to 3D printed parts from the Taz?

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Re: Best Glues??

Post by mikronano » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:33 am

myeager wrote:Is it possible to glue HDPE to nGen? Or to any of the other filaments? Does anyone know where you can get sheets of co-polyester that I can use with the X-carve and then glue to 3D printed parts from the Taz?
I'm sorry but I've never worked with HDPE. In general, all solvent based plastic cements/welds claim to work only with same material. And it makes sense since the goal is to weaken the chemical bonds on two surfaces of the same material so that when the solvent evaporates then the chemical bonds will be reinstated between same materials leading to unification.

Now, if the two materials are somehow similar (chemically), then there is a chance of welding but the joining won't be as strong. I have done welding between different co-polyesters and I know it can be done but with the aforementioned disadvantage.

In any other case, only glues can do what you want. And some specialized epoxies are the way to go. Look for the 3M DP8005.

As for co-polyester sheets, just check with your local hardware stores or on the internet. I'm confident you'll find plenty.
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Re: Best Glues??

Post by Venter » Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:59 am

I apologize for bumping this old thread...just my two cents...

Gluing plastics can be difficult. To know what kind of glue will work typically requires knowing what type of plastic you are dealing with And there are so many types of plastic - vinyls/pvc, ABS, acrylic, styrenes, lexan(polycarbonate), delrin (acetal resins), etc...

Most plastics are "glued" properly with adhesives that are actually solvents and dissolve the plastic at point of contact to chemically weld them together.
Example - plumbers PVC and ABS cements, Testors plastic model glue (styrene). Industrial supply houses make a solvent glue for lexan.

Some plastics cannot be easily glued with anything, due the surfarce finish being so slippery
Example - Delrin/acetal - this is typically used to make plastic gears in consumer products

You can try epoxy like this It may hold for a while, but the bond is only going to be as good as the physical grab (rought up the parts with coarse sandpaper to improve your odds) ... Since plastics typically are not porous epoxy bonds are not usually that great. If you want a really strong epoxy, look for one of the Loctite Hysol epoxies. These are industrial grade adhesives and some grade are even approved/used in aviation - however they commensurately expensive and cannot be found in your average home center.

I would NOT use super glue from Amazone ... =256243011 Its main benefit is the very fast cure time, its actually a very brittle and low strength glue.

FYI, without seeing it, if I had to guess I would bet that part is ABS. Unless you use a proper solvent weld adhesive, anything you try is likely to break again in typical use. I know its expensive but for things like this I usually try to get a replacement part, my luck with gluing plastic is bad.
There are a lot of cool YouTube videos on this subject, here’s one of them. Good luck

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Re: Best Glues??

Post by quailisotope » Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:46 am

Yeah, happens at times Even I attached a plate with a glue which is broken in microwave ad it sticked really well. I am impressed.

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