Dual Head V3 VERY inconsistent

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Dual Head V3 VERY inconsistent

Post by ngreeney » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:07 pm

OK, Love how great our Taz 6 single extruder works. Prints amazing thing!

The Dual Head V3 has been the bane of my existence! 95% of the time prints come out like

Basically it seems that everything we print after the first couple layers one or both filaments will be jammed due to heat creep. We then swapped out the fan for a larger 80mm fan on the heat sink with a funnel. Seemed to help a bit. It only printed PolyLite PLA with 50% chance of printing a single color. Turns out one of the gears that pushes the filament had become stripped due to all the jamming so they swapped it out for a new printer head due to the issues with the extruders not holding temperature.

Turns out the new printer head has NO improvement over the last one.

Any thoughts on what to do at this point or should I just give up on the Dual Head?

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