3mm filament availability

Is the industry shifting away from 3mm filament? Everything I read prior to buying my printer indicated that 3mm was the more commonly available, more economically priced option. But when it came time for me to try and buy some filament to use on my shiny new Taz I was having a hard time finding a good selection of colors in 3mm. There seemed to be an abundance of variety in 1.75mm.

Some quick Googling turned up a few forum and blog posts. General speculation was that things were shifting, comparing the situation to the old school VHS vs Beta Max shift. It seems like 3mm filament has many more advantages than disadvantages- tolerance errors are smaller as a percent of the overall thickness, the filament is physically stronger and less likely to tangle, and it’s cheaper. The main advantage I saw for 1.75mm was that it could result in finer flow control resolution (which makes sense, since the extruder will have a finite linear resolution).

Have the folks in the Lulzbot community seen this shift too?

We find that 3mm works best for our units and purposes. We’re continuously working on bringing in more color and filament options. We currently offer 11 different types of filament materials in a large variety of colors. We currently have:

9 colors of NinjaFlex
14 colors of HIPS
16 colors of ABS (1kg reel)
8 colors of ABS (5lb reel)
13 colors of PLA

We’re also going to be offering several new exotic filaments soon, check the store for updates :wink: