.5mm vs .35mm for miniatures help

I’m looking into getting .35mm tool head when they are available so that I can print better miniatures. I run a D&D campaign and wild love to be able to print out all the monsters they fight (yes I’m a big nerd :slight_smile: ). So far all I’ve ever used is the .5mm that came stock and the results are mediocre at best. I’m Just wondering if anyone has worked with the .35mm nozzle for miniatures and if the results are that much better. I know FDM printers are not the best for this, but you work with what you got.

I have had great results with a 0.25 nozzle
_mg_6492 (1).jpg

wow those look great. where did you get the nozzle?

Those do look nice but I have a question. How would those have come out with a .5mm nozzle? I have printed a few of the low poly pokemon figures found on Thingiverse and made them fairly small, maybe the same size as those or close. And they have come out great. But like those figures, they are low poly and personally, I think those figures would print fine with a .5mm nozzle. How much more detailed could you get with e a .25mm nozzle though? If you were printing more detailed figured, is that where the smaller nozzle would shine?

Printed with a .25 nozzle. 1" tall. Spiral staircase on the inside with a double helix down the center. .08mm layer height.


is that model online? that is some nice detail. which printer are you using? mini, or full size taz? and what material is that? Is that a raft for that part, or is it just part of the model?

I found the model on thingverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:99028/#files. It’s often used to show off the capabilities of SLA printers. I reduced the size to 1" tall. There is no raft. This print was in natural ABS.

My printer started out as a KitTaz. I upgraded the bed to PEI and upgraded the hot end to the Hexagon and ended up receiving an upgraded power supply from Lulzbot (for free! Great customer support!!!) when my original one started to fail literally a year to the day after my purchase. It is now the equivalent of a Taz 5.