Advice on print fail Taz 5 dual extruder

I’m using a dual head extruder with poly lite pla for the structure and poly dissolve for the support.

The issues I had were a layer of the polylite didnt print, and the polydisolve was very stringy (not as much of a concern because it dissolves). I was wondering what could cause both these issues?

I have no idea what happened to the pla, my only suspicion is maybe the spool got stuck for a few layers and didnt extrude but I’m not certain.

For the poly dissolve I’m wondering if the temp is too high or the retraction too low perhaps.

My retraction settings were:
Ex1: (pla)
Retraction distance=3mm
Retraction speed =10mm/s
Ex2: (polydissolve)
Retraction distance=1.75mm
Retraction speed=5mm/s

I can add more pictures in the comments (this is my first post not sure if you can do that)

Thank you!!

These were my cura settings for the support: