Am i at the end of my pei sheet life span

I was wonder how long in duration the pei sheet lasts on the taz 6. I’m starting to get major bubbling on the pei sheet when it gets up to 95 degrees C and I’m wondering if I have to replace the sheet or is there a simple fix i can do that can solve this.

Replace it, once it starts bubbling there’s really nothing you can do. How long it lasts is based on many variables. The worse thing you can do for it is separate the pei sheet from the bed by pulling up on your 3D printed part and the pei sheet not wanting to let go; something we all struggle with. I find it best to remove the print right after it’s done printing and the bed cools down to the removal temperature. A cooled down bed hours after printing is always a struggle; if you find yourself in that situation then you may need to play with applying a water/alcohol mixture and re-heating up the bed while attempting to remove the print with not too much force.

Bubbles in the PEI sheet are easily smoothed out by simply slicing a slit with an exacto or corner of a razor blade to let the gas out then smooth it out. PEI sheets really don’t need to be replaced until they get pretty big gashes in them. Smaller voids typically don’t cause much of a problem, and you can easily tell your slicing software to avoid torn up spot.