Any guides on changing the Y-axis bearings?

Need to do this today. Any advice?

Bearings changed, new bearings from e-bay as they are STILL not available on the Lulzbot web store. Snap fit, not press fit like the original bearings, but they work. I’m getting much better Z-axis leveling and print results after the change. I’ll order some from Lulzbot when they become available, but for now these work.

Yeah, I know I’m talking to myself, but wanted to post an update. The bearings off eBay fit the 8mm rail perfectly, but were to loose in the holder. As it doesn’t look like the correct replacements will ever be available on the store I had to come up with a solution. Ended up wrapping the bearing in plumbers Teflon tape before installing. This snugged them up and gave a perfect fit. Hope these last a while.

Think I may need to change my Mini2’s bearings. As you noted, Lulzbot store out of stock. Have you found a source? Thanks has them. When I ordered a few weeks back, it was cheaper to buy the brackets with the bearings installed than by themselves.

$9 each as standard is out of stock (need 4)

$9 each but you only need two

If you can find them, I recommend buying the RJMP type. That is what ITWORKS has listed as high precision. They fit the shaft tighter than the RJM type Lulzbot used prior to Taz 6.

I got them off eBay. Not an exact replacement. The inside diameter is fine, but the outside is off slightly. One layer of Teflon tape did the trick. The wobble caused by the difference made the printer unusable for quality prints. Just search for the part name and you get several hits.