AO-101 60mm Print Height Increase

The lighting stuff is next up on my list. Basically you just want 12V strip LED’s, something like this: that you can cut to length. then you just soldier a couple wire leads to a switch for on and off, then to the unused 12V header on your power supply. Supposedly that’s all their is to it. I haven’t tried it yet though since my lights haven’t got here yet. They also make round ring ones which will fit around the nozzle itself

I actually already made the leap. Bought these bad boys and some cabling Way more cabling than I need but I figure I can use it for other stuff. Just got text that it got delivered. I know what I am doing this weekend… Right after I solve my other problem.

There’s a light bar printable thing that looks like it will work for mounting to the upper gantry crossbars. I’ll be using two of those on top, along with some sort of not yet existant mount for the Ring light around the nozzle. THe ring light is here, but the strip lights have not arrived yet.

I found myself in need of some cable routing ducts for the upper gantry section that goes with this particular modification. So, here they are in case anyone has a need for them

Upper Gantry Cable Duct.stl (116 KB)

Actually came here and on Thingaverse to see if anyone had already made this mod. I realize that lulzbot didn’t really design the pursa or mendal max but looking at all that untapped screw on the Z axis you have to wonder what they were thinking. I mean why not use it…

You could also get longer z axis guide rods and get another 20-30 mm on the Z axis on top of the 160 you have already achieved.

Anyway, thanks for the mod upload you saved me a ton a time in solidworks.

Is there any leveling you need to do beside the bed? I am concerned that after doing this the vertical axis isn’t perfectly perpendicular.

You just want to use a square with it and make sure all the 90 degree angles are 90. It’s kind of self centering. as long as you don’t touch the Z motor mouunts, everything else will space properly assuming flat parts.

I performed this upgrade with no problems. I left pretty much all of the fasteners a bit loose until they were all assembled, checked the squareness, and then tightened them all. Works well.

I have had the hardware installed but finally got around to updating the configuration file.

Just to be careful about the wires for the X & Y endstop and the X axis stepper motor.

I ended up having to move my control box.