Bed leveling issue

Yesterday my mini was printing perfect but when I loaded a new item and tried printing it began to have bed leveling issues. It will clean the nozzle fine, but when it begins to level with the sensors it never touches them. It raises about 10mm and each corner and then starts printing in midair. I attached a video of the same issue.
I tried replacing the extruder switching to my aerostruder still same issue.
Tried loading an old gcode from a past print same issue.
The last thing I tried was download an old version of cura but still finding the same issue.

With the printer off and unplugged measure from the nozzle to the printer frame. You look to have a short between them or your control board has failed.

Hey Zchad,

You can check to see if the board needs to be replaced.

In order to do this, you center your bed, tool head, and Z-axis. You don’t want anything touching an end stop. You’ll then want to connect your printer via USB to your computer and open Cura.

If you are using Cura 2.6.xx and above you can open the Console in the Manual Control section.
In the bottom text box, type M119.

If you are in Cura 21.08 and below, download and STL file onto the virtual bed. Open the Control icon and in the bottom of the text box type M119.

This will report the status of the end stops and all statuses should read open. If you see that the Z-Min is triggered, this would indicate that you need a new board.

I’ve seen this quite a bit when someone has cleaned or touched the nozzle with something metallic. This will send a short through the bed leveling wire and back to the board. If this is the case, then when cleaning the nozzle, you can preheat it up to operating temperature and give it a good scrubbing with a dry, green Scotch Brite pad.

Give this a try and see how it works.