Best Printer for Dual Extrusion

I want to add a fifth printer to my farm I was thinking Raise3d Pro 2, Lulzbot Taz Pro, Ultimaker 3 or maybe Ultimaker S5 , I really wanted to get the best dual extruder model for very high precision, dependability and repeatability.
I have been researching for over a month and I am on the verge of adding a few models to my list of possible but the reviews are just not there, The MakerGear M3 ID, the Sigma R19 or Sigmax, I can find a few videos of them printing but not real reviews other then the two to three minute feature reviews Matterhackers did on them.
I had a Real non-kit Prusa I3 Mk3 I HATED IT, I sent it back for a refund my mono price clone was better and way more reliable, and so is my Tevo Tarantula.
I have a Taz 6 with all the hot ends I love it the only down sides is with the dual extruder one nozzle drags in the print and the .5 nozzle is huge
My V2 and select plus are so modded their mother wouldn’t recognize them anymore and what I want from the new one is Unbox, plug in cut zip ties and print I don’t want to have to spend hours, days or months futzing with them. If I want to print a nine day print I want to toss the printer in my shop and not come down and check on it 14 times a night, so in other words I want reliable and I am willing to pay for it.
I have a few commercial contacts for bit and bobs not a huge profit but it keeps me in filament.
Ultimaker 3 or S5
Can drop down to a .25 Nozzle
25% Ultimaker Tax on parts
Not 100% sure on the “switch” to lift and lower nozzle
Not a fan of Boden tube
Raise3d Pro 2
Power lifting nozzle
Most of the reviews online are on older versions no “trusted” reviews of this model
Lulzbot Pro
Power lifting nozzles’
.5 Nozzle
No reviews I can find
Sigma R19
Dual nozzles’ no lifting to wear out or switches to break
No reviews to be found
MakerGear M3 ID
Dual nozzles’ no lifting to wear out or switches to break
No reviews

I would stay away from the Sigmax, personally after having one of there printers.

I’m kind of in the same boat and doing research. I’m torn between getting a dual extruder or getting the Palette 2, which seems like an awesome concept. It can splice together 4 different filaments to run through a single nozzle. The downside is it seems to waste quite a bit of filament.

Anybody have any experience with them?

The Palette only uses 1.75mm filament. If you’re thinking of using that on a LulzBot then you might want to convert the head to use 1.75mm.

The upside of the Palette is that one of them can run 4 filaments … but through just a single common nozzle. If you print four different colors of the same kind of filament you just need to purge through the transition so you get clean color changes on your part. But this isn’t going to work well with dissimilar filaments. E.g. I have a TAZ Pro and one nozzle prints the normal filament and the 2nd nozzle prints PVA support filament … or TPU flexible filament, etc. I don’t think the Palette can deal with dissimilar filaments … it’s mostly meant for color changes.

A dual-extruder can switch nozzles so you don’t need to purge through a color change (but you could only have two colors) … although I always do a purge tower with a tiny purge anyway because after a nozzle has been sitting idle for a few minutes … the first bits of filament it extrudes are usually not great for printing. So I waste a tiny bit on the purge tower between nozzle changes.

The TAZ Pro “lifts” the nozzle that isn’t printing … so dragging along the part wont be a problem.

I haven’t used other dual-extruder printers … so I’m not able to offer much in the way of comparisons.