Black nozzle

Got a Taz 6 2 weeks ago and have printed almost every day with 4-7 hour print jobs. Mostly nGen prints. Works great so far but I am getting black goo around the nozzle area. It sometimes comes off in the prints as well and I suspect it is from the Elmer’s glue stick adhesion.

Been 3D printing for years and normally use hairspray on a glass bed for PLA adhesion (and it has worked great all these years for me). All my other 3D printers have clean nozzles (Makerbot 2 old gen, Robo3D, 3 printer bots) and they have all been workhorses.

So I suspect it is the glue and I am just putting it on a bit too thick (I didn’t think I did but I’ve never used it before so…). I can fix that but I am wondering if that is what it is and perhaps the best way to clean it off. It doesn’t look like it will come off with a simple towel.


It isn’t unusual that the taz nozzle will get coated with carbon from excess filament over time. You can either clean the nozzle more frequently, or dial your extrusion back a bit to compensate. It’s the shape of the nozzle mainly.

I constantly have a black nozzle, but I’ve only had problems with black boogers sticking to the print with the ESun natural PLA. In general, that specific filament was quite disappointing. I’d suggest dialing the extrusion multiplier back a bit as well.

Ok will do thanks for the feedback!