BMW Custom Interior Laser Jammer & Detector!

My friend who I work with was hired to custom flush mount a Laser Jammer and Radar Dectector on a 2010 M3.
I offered my services and created this awesome custom install!

For those who don’t know, a laser jammer interferes any laser signals shot from a cop doing a speed trap making your vehicle read null. They’re illegal to “use” but not “own”, hence the need for a hidden install.

Our local electronic store quoted $2400 (without the detector install) to install this part and it would have been window hung. My friend charged $1000

I wish i hadn’t ran out of black filament so soon and i wish i would have printed it with 0.7 infill for sanding purposes. Next time i will know! Let me know if can you design yours!

Here is a video showing the general purpose of a laser jammer.

Can’t speak to the legality :unamused: but this is an awesome custom car part! I’m not sure if bam has posted them here, but he’s printed sun visors, cup holders, and several other parts for his ride.

In regards to legality, the cigarette lighter was replaced with a switch to turn the unit off or on. You could argue you didn’t have it on as well, radar detectors are allowed in my province, however, they can be quite annoying when your casually driving, so a switch is ideal to turn both systems off.
The switch has 3 terminals so you can have both systems on, just the radar detector on, or both off.