Bridge Nylon lifting PEI sheet

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve printed a ton of little parts with Taulman’s Bridge Nylon, and they appear to be lifting the PEI sheet on my TAZ6 like crazy, like every place where I’ve printed now has a little air bubble, ring, or whatnot. Is this normal? It does not seem to matter if I use a lot of glue stick, or just a wipe of pva-glue laced water, and the parts come off pretty easily in either case. I’m printing with the Cura defaults, 250C / 90C.

I had the same problem, luckily I had another issue that I needed to send my printer in for service and they also swapped out my bed. My issue was several small parts fairly close together caused the PEI to pull up between them. This didn’t happen until the bed cooled down post-printing, so next time I print in Nylon I’m going to change my ending gcode so the bed doesn’t cool down much at all and make sure there is more space between if I’m doing lots of smaller pieces.