consistent Y Axis issues

I have been ignoring this for a little while thinking it would go away like a long and drawn out cold. But when I did a test print today, I can see very clearly that my Y-Axis (left to right in the picture) is not working properly. The image is supposed to be of a 4"x4" square with 1/2"x1/2" square holes and a single 1" diameter hole in the center. it looks like it’s consistently .08"-.09" off regardless of scale. So it’s the same amount off on the 1/2" square hole as it is on the 4" square. You can see that the circle is oblong but in a symmetrical fashion. I am getting this consistently.

I have checked for missing teeth and the belt tension I have played with. But it’s too consistent for random skipping. One other note, when I move the table by hand in the Y axis, there is this noticeable tug at several locations. It’s almost as if the rods are bent, but I don’t think that’s the case. Now that I am writing this I will take them out and check.

Any ideas???


Ok. So after I posted, I took a look at the guide rods and they were fine. There was no evidence of warping or bending. I then decided to take a look at the stepper and see if I could feel the drag on spindle itself. I took it off the mount and when I turned the sprocket my issue was clear. The set screws had come loose and the sprocket was “free wheeling”. I tightened them back up and re-ran the test part. Not only did it come out great but the loud whining noise I’ve been putting up with for the past several months is now gone. I cranked up the acceleration and now it screams…silently.

Thank you all for being a sounding board. I hope this helps someone else who might be experiencing the same issues I was experiencing.

I’m glad to hear it! You can use blue colored thread locker to help secure that setscrew if you wish.