Constant Bed Leveling

Hello Everyone,
I currently operate three Taz 5’s at my school. I have had them for over a year, and notice that I am constantly leveling the bed. Obviously it needs to remain level, but has anyone found a way to keep the bed level for longer than a print or two?

I almost never have to level the bed (Taz 5) even with the occasional 0.1 mm layer height. Are you moving the printers around? Even sliding them on the bench? Is the print surface being handled roughly when removing prints? Are all 3 printers having this problem?


Who operates the printers at the school? If it is students, have you observed how they are removing parts? I wonder if they are being abusive when removing parts causing the beds to come out of level.

I operate four Taz printers and rarely need to adjust the bed levels.

When are you setting level? The nozzle length extends at full temperature, and it can take a minute or so after you reach print temperature for the nozzle to reach full expansion. Also consider putting a small amount of blue locate on the main leveling screw. Not enough to lock it in place, but enough to prevent it backing off due to spring pressure and vibration.

Are they swapping print heads? It’s easy to get the level off in that case.

I don’t usually allow the kids to remove their parts, but it doest happen from time to time. They are a bit abusive, as we are learning how to keep parts from adhering too well, etc. I will try a drop of loctite and see how that works.