Converting from 3mm filament to 1.75mm filament

Would like some documentation regarding converting from 3mm filament to 1.75mm.
Seems the resolution may be better, am I correct?

paulino, te diameter of the filament is not going to affect print resolution at all. No matter what diameter filament you start with, and some folks are now using pellet extruders to extruder cheaper pellets, it all goes through a nozzle. If the nozzle is .35mm then that dictates your extrusion width. The Z layer height resolution is primarily a function of the mechanical elements of the printer - movement accuracy and precision, print bed planarity, etc.

That said about filament diameter not affecting print resolution, I will be converting my KITTAZ to 1.75mm ASAP. I have 100+ kilos of 1,75mm filament here! The 1.75mm filaments are popular with delta printers with Bowden tubes to remote the extruder. There is less friction as it passes down the Bowden tube with the smaller filament.


The resolution is primarily a factor of nozzle size and speed. Decreasing either will have positive effects on print quality and dimensional accuracy (depending on the shape of your part).

To my understanding the belief that 1.75mm filament provides higher accuracy applies only in some circumstances.

  • A reduction in print head weight on flimsier machines provides increased accuracy
  • 1.75mm filament does not have as much molten filament in the nozzle requiring less retraction but a properly calibrated print profile on a 3mm filament has no issues.

Others may also chime in with their research but the only reason I’ve seen to convert to 1.75mm filament has to do with availability of colors / pricing between some manufacturers.

Adafruit went over how to change the extruder to 1.75mm

Some other factor to consider:
Spool management. Takes a lot more force to unwind 3mm filament when it gets closer to the end of the spool.

My main reason to wanting to convert is that all my other friends use 1.75mm filament. Meaning its easier to borrow spools. Easier to buy spools locally. I’ve seen suppliers offer half spools of 1.75mm as well. Havent seen any smaller spools of 3mm.

I have had some issues with 3mm PLA towards the end of spools with smaller inner diameters. The curvature of the filament makes it break in the feed tube when left to its own devices overnight. Simple enough to convert to a top feed without a tube but i’ve always wondered what the problem was.