Cracked Small Herringbone Gear


My Taz 4.1 is fairly new and suddenly during a print I heard a somewhat loud pop noise. Upon closer inspection it would appear that the small Herringbone gear on my extruder head cracked in half? The larger gear seems to be equally as worn but hasn’t yet cracked in two as the smaller one. Has anybody else had this occur? I’ve printed mainly with ABS since I Received it and most of my prints have succeeded without major issues of any kind. I’m also going to assume that my printer will be INOP until it is replaced. :astonished:

The white texture seen on the picture occurred within the last 2-3 prints

Well, I’ll edit out the thought that i’m inop until its replaced. Not only does the Taz print upside down, it prints with cracked Gears rather well :slight_smile:… Now if I Could only figure out how to replace them i’d be set lol

Very nice! You’ll want to use this guide. Specifically on the 7th step after removing the extruder stepper motor (don’t forget to power everything down prior to disassembly). Transfer the M3 nut and setscrew from the original gear to the new one. Let us know if you have any questions!

Will i need to recalculate my extruder E - steps after the Herringbone gear replacement?

You shouldn’t as most estep variation is due to the hobbed bolt (within the family of TAZ 3D printers).