Do you still use ABS Juice with heated TAZ 5 bed?

I am noticing my first layer of my prints isn’t sticking well. Using presets for temp and level bed.

Do you guys still use this or should I do something else to get better sticking?



You can, but you shouldn’t have to. You may be either too far from the bed, or actually too close to the bed. If the starting layer is too thin, it cools weird and pulls away anyways. You want a .40mm to .45mm thick first layer for a .50mm nozzle. Also try the bed at 110 degrees c.

Don’t put ABS juice on the PEI that is on the bed. The acetone will degrade the PEI and ruin it.

Here is a link to some helpful information for you:

I hope this helps,

Thanks guys. So Nick if you don’t use acetone on your bed to clean it what am i supposed to use to keep it clean weekly? I read somewhere that hand oils etc can adhere to the bed if you happen to touch it and make the surface slick. What is the proper way to maintain the bed daily and after prints?

I always use a spray bottle with 10% alcohol and 90% water. Works great for daily maintenance. I use this technique before every print just to make sure the bed is good before I hit print.

Let me post this link one more time for anyone that will be needing this information:

PEI Print Surface: Troubleshooting

Very cool. Do you use the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) listed in the Lulzbot Troubleshooting or something different?

Thanks again.

I get mine at Walmart. :slight_smile:

Polyethylenimine is insoluble in Acetone. PEI should just laugh at acetone and ignore it unless there is a soluble binder mixed in with the sheets or something.

I have also heard that Acetone does no harm to PEI. I’ve been using it on my PEI sheets without problem, but then I don’t use the thin Lulzbot sheets but thicker ones sourced from Amazon and McMaster.


What about Elmer’s Glue to help with the warping and corners curling? Does it really help with the heated bed?

A PVA glue stick (like Elmer’s) is required for flexible filament and nylon. But not as a sticking agent, more as a sacrificial surface for those plastics. Without the PVA, they tend to stick too well to the PEI sheet. I also use the PVA stick with HIPS as a sticking agent.

I have used ABS “juice” on the PEI; however, I have since determined that my problem was a combination of too much hand oil and incorrect Z home position (not close enough to the bed).

The only time I have had issues with acetone on the PEI surface is when I have applied the acetone while the bed was still warm. The cooling caused by the rapid evaporation of the acetone tends to “craze” the PEI surface which results in premature failure of the PEI sheet.