Dual Extruder Knocking normal?

I just got my replacement Flexydually v2 and am printing the keychain. Sometimes when Head 1 is extruding the Ninjaflex, the extruder gears knock as seen in this video. Is that normal?


Nope, that’s the hobbled bolt grinding scallops out of your filliament. You are either going too fast, have a temperature wrong, or are too close to the bed.

Actually if you look close (I also played it back slow) the stepper is popping and spins backwards a bit (slips with pressure on it). I would first check the grub screw on the small gear to make sure it’s not loose. If it’s not then there is too much pressure possibly from over extruding.

Or even a bad stepper motor or driver.

That looks like it was the problem, or the cause anyway as piercet was also correct that it was chewing. The screw was able to easily turn 4 more times. Removed the gnarled filament and am reprinting now and I’ll let you know, thanks!

Well, crap. It looks like that gear is actually cracked which is why the set screw turned so easily. This is my 2nd Dually v2 that’s not working properly.

glue it temporarily with plastruct plastic weld, mocel cement, or acetone. Then print a replacement

Actually just print a new one with the rear extruder. I have several small and large herringbone gears on hand as replacements. :sunglasses:

Thanks, I’m trying to find the files for the Flexydually v2 on devel. Is longfin the current v2? http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/longfin/ Their FTP site is kind of confusing. What is the name of the file I’d want to print? Thanks.

You want the ‘standard’ parts for the extruder. The Flexy uses the same feed drive as all the other Hexagon Lulzbot printer extruders.

Look in here:


You want the Herringbone Large gear and Herringbone Small gear directories.

Thank you. I’ve printed that one and also the one on thingaverse for the original Wade parts that is linked to from Lulzbot: https://www.lulzbot.com/support/gregs-wade-reloaded-extruder

I don’t know what’s up. All of the prints I’ve tried are not coming out with the correct height, but only for part of it (the round base with the set screw hole). It starts printing just where the set screw hole starts with no extra support. The geared portion is spot on and looks great.

Do you know what might cause that? They all look fine when I import in to Cura.

What slicer are you using? It appears that the print is offset down into the bed. As in it’s offset on the z-axis by a mm or 2. The setting in Cura that can do this is ‘Cutoff object bottom (mm)’ on the advance tab. It should be at zero otherwise. If your printing with Slic3r, the ini config file is found in the directory below as well. You can also just read the file with a text editor and try and pick out the important settings such as speed, layer height, temp etc and them match them in your slicer. Do that if you want to try and print as closely to the way Lulzbot prints them for production.

Here’s the file from the devel site. http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/5.0_0.5noz/production_parts/printed_parts/herringbone_small_gear/herringbone_small_gear-.50noz/

Thanks for your reply. I’m using the current version of Cura. I switched tool heads back to the original single extruder (v2) and it printed just fine, so I’m not sure what the issue was for sure as that was the only thing I changed after flashing the toolhead change. I printed with ABS and 70% infill and it looks really good.

Now, on to yet another problem. I seem to also need to reprint the large piece that everything is mounted to on the FDv2, just above the large metal bracket/mount. The one that all of the fans and blower ducts mount to on the bottom of, and is also used to adjust the height of the front toolhead when the screw is adjusted. That doesn’t look very fun to replace though lol.

The dir for FlexyDually v2 doesn’t seem to have any files, and this bracket looks different from what I can tell from v1.

I think it’s called the javelin flex plate going by what I’m seeing in the Dual v2 (not flexy):

Does anybody know if those are compatible?

Yes, these are the correct files. I printed all of these and built my own V2 Dual Extruder and have also assembled it with the v2 Flexystruder in the front which turns it into a V2 FlexyDually. It can be a bit tedious to take apart and reassemble but just give it a go. And be careful with the thermistor wires. They can be a bit delicate in my experience. I have an extra thermistor on hand just in case. Jamie at I-T-W.com has all the parts you need at great prices and impeccable service.