Dual Extruder V2 fan clearance?

I am putting together a new Dual Extruder V2 and I noticed that the tiny fans for the hotends don’t seem to have proper clearance. One of them is right up against the hotend, touching it, where I presume it will melt. The other seems farther away than on the single extruder. I didn’t see any obvious manufacturing flaws, but it just seems like… this can’t be right.

Can someone take a look at these photos and tell me if this seems right or if it is defective?

Here is the single extruder V2 that came with the Taz:

And here is the fan with high clearance:

And here is the fan without clearance:

You’re probably fine. As long as the fan is running, it should keep the fins cool enough that they won’t melt the fan housing. I’ll take a look at my dual extruder tomorrow… I’m pretty sure one of the fans was touching the heatsink also.

The fan on my front extruder is touching the hotend cooling fins. Becuase of this a
I figured the cooling to those fins would be better so that is the hotend I use for printing PLA. No problems so far.

Could I ask you guys a favor. I’m building my v2 dually as well and i was hoping to get some close up shots of a fully assembled one (not quite a close up as fluffysheap). Just some shots from each side and under if possible. I’m trying to see where the cables route and also the height adjustment screw on the front. Here are some pics of my progress so far. Im trying to figure out a different solution than the two tiny blowers if I can. Just don’t have $40 bucks atm…

I have the 2nd extruder but just haven’t put it on yet.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a picture of the bottom.

You’re on the right track routing the wires through the center hole of the aluminum plate.