Filament bending at top of exstruder

Because the filament guide tube is not held in place before it enters the exstruder, the filament tends to bend at far right and left “Y” positions.
This bending was causing the filament not to feed through the hobbed bolt feeder and was grinding away the filament. I crated a simple part to hold the filament tube perpendicular the the print head. This part only took 20 minutes to print and has saved me much headaches. Here is a picture of the part. I have also found this part helps with printing with 1.75mm filament
Filament Guid Holder.stl (79.1 KB)

Just what I need. Backwards force of the filament wore off the back prong of the my guide block. Without the back prong, I’m getting 100% failed prints from the exstruder wheel slipping. I was already thinking about something like a disk around the tube to hold it forward. It looks like this will do the trick better.

I’ve only had before exstruder slippage when using Village Plastics Natural PLA. I tried other things like mounting the PLA overhead. I thought less tension/friction might help. Didn’t help much. Maybe this will fix that also.

Now to see if I have a longer metric screw. I have loads of m2s, m3s, and m4s, but no m2.5s. m3-20mm. Got it. Had to drill out the holes. 3mm for net. 6.5mm for tube.