Filament sensor integration Taz Workhorse

Does anyone have a comprehensive solution to adding a filament runout sensor on the Workhorse without the need for Octoprint? I just bought a couple of these and was hoping someone already had this doped out.

While I’m using Octoprint, I haven’t yet added a filament sensor. Interested in the solution, too.

Without OctoPrint, the printer controller board needs to support connecting the runout sensor. Either using existing endstops or a dedicated connection and the firmware needs to be configured with support for a runout sensor.

With OctoPrint, the runout sensor can be connected to the computer running OctoPrint (usually an RPi using GPIO pins) and a plugin is installed to monitor it.

If the printer controller board supports connecting the runout sensor and the firmware is configured correctly, then OctoPrint will be able to respond to messages sent by the firmware.

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I found some solutions to your issue. I am thinking about implementing some version of these at my work. I will also note that Luzbot’s parts for the filament system are printed in ABS so that should be strong enough to be used for any of these parts.