Flashing Taz 2.1 Firmwire

I haven’t touched my Taz in over 18 months and I just got the new software and somehow, while snooping around, I re-flashed my firmware with Cura WAY too easily. I just hit the “flash default fireware” button thinking it would know I have a 2.1

I’m trying to use Cura to re-flash my firmware back to Taz 2.1 (currently its 4.0), however, I think the .hex file hosted on lulzbot website is corrupted because after flashing, im left with an all blue screen on the LCD.

If I flash it to the 12v dual extruder .hex file or the Taz 4.0 .hex file, I can SEE the dashboard on the LCD working.

Any Help?
I tried flashing through Audrino with no results at all.

Lulzbot firmware link


You could try this one.


Thank you so much, this one WORKED.