Gcode files for the TAZ 2.1 extruder gears

Hi, i just god my Taz 2.1 it works, but when it prints slowly, the extruder gear jams, i think is bad printed…

Somebody have the Gcode files for the 2 extruder gears, so i can prints new ones…

Kind Regards.

Big gear:

little gear:

Unless the geat looks visually off, it shouldn’t be the gear itself. Try turning the machine off, removing the filliament and see if you can manually turn the gears all the way. if they seem to mesh well chances are it isn’t the gear itself.

Some things that are more likely culprits: Check the setscrew on the smaller gear and make sure it is really tight on the NEMA motor shaft. also check the hobbed bolt chamber and make sure you don’t have a bunch of stripped filliament preventing the extruder from feeding right, and check that the tension on the idler arm is set to specification from the manual

The nozzle itself can also clog. especially if you are running one of the laywood type filliaments or a cheaper non-lulzbot filliament with debris in it. the smaller nozzles are much easier to clog than the .5 one.

edit: also, if it is a bad gear, you should probably contact customer service and have them get you a new one since the machine is definitly still under warranty if it is a retail one.

Keep in mind that the large herringbone gear gcode file is specifically made for use with a 0.5mm nozzle. It will not work well at all with a 0.35mm nozzle, which the what ships on the stock unmodified TAZ 2.

I would recommend looking at the items previously mentioned, then contact Support@LulzBot.com with what you find.


Hi Orias,

I just saw your last post that the standard large herringbone gear that ships with the TAZ 2 (we have a 2.1) is meant for the .5mm nozzle? We are running with a .35mm nozzle, so does that mean we need to print/put a different gear? We are troubleshooting a list of printing issues and I was just wondering if this might be one of the culprits.

Ah no. I mentioned that earlier, only because someone wanted to reprint the gears, using our presliced gcode files.

We use two different nozzle sizes for the printed parts, some get printed with a 0.35mm nozzle, with the other parts, a 0.5mm nozzle is used.

It’s hard to print the small gear with a 0.5mm nozzle, as there are a lot of small tiny areas within the model. By using a 0.35mm nozzle instead, it’s easier to plastic into the smaller areas of the model.

The extruder gearing does not need to be changed when switching between hot ends/nozzle sizes