Giant Lego Operation Game

For Halloween this year, I upgraded my Giant Lego Minfig decorations into an animatronic operation game. I iused my Taz5 to grown alot of brackets to hold bearings and servos, as well as both of his legs. The premise is that the candy is stored in the Frank, when the tongs touch the sides of the candy dishes, both megafigs move and talk.

If you want to see them moving, click the youtube link below.

3D printed speaker mount.

3D printed bearing holders

3D printed leg

1 of the 3D printed candy dishes

You can view a full build log at

I have also entered the Lego Megafigs in the Make Magazine Halloween Contest. If you like it, follow the link below to view and give it a respect (thumbs up). Voting ends tomorrow (Nov. 23rd). Thanks.

The results are in … I won Editors Choice: Best Haunted House item

Impressive. Most impressive.

Congrats and great job!


Too awesome! Very, very creative! Of course, after an editors choice award who cares what I think! LOL

Thanks. I still care what people think, even if they don’t give me awards.