Hotend destroyed... but also a question

Dear friends
Yesterdat I got a Huge clog in the hexagon Hotend printing with PLA and i was unable of cleaning it. It needs to be repaced. :frowning:

I already ordered a new one hexagon AO with 0.5 nozzle… but I was wondering if i can order also another 0.3 nozzle and it would work with my MINI
Thank you so much!

Clogs are unusual. Were you printing ABS before this and then switched back to PLA? If so, try raising the hotend to ABS temperatures (240-ish) and see if you are able to extrude that way.

You can make any nozzle work with the Mini. You just need to change the nozzle size in Cura or Slic3r so your gcode generates correctly.

I’m starting to wonder if alot of PLA “clogs” are actually caused by small pieces of ABS wearing off of the extruder idler arm and main body over time and getting pulled down into the hot end.

If you mean purchase a separate .3 nozzle to switch out the .5, yes it is possible. Makerfarm sells .3,.4,.5 nozzles for the Hexagon hotend.

PLA can burn / carbonize if left at extrusion temps too long without pushing filament through the nozzle. This could possibly lead to bits in the nozzle and therefore clogging. When prints are done, make sure to shutoff the hotend. And if preheating, don’t let the hotend sit idle for too long.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Yes, I was printing with ABS and changed to PLA but I forgot to set the correct temperature and started printing PLA at 240C it started the printing process correctly fut after a few minutes the hotend clogged an i did not realize so it was at 240 for a couple of hours. I think that the PLA Carbonized… It was my mistake.

kcchen_00, yes i mean to get another .3 nozzle to switch out the .5. Then I am going to get one .3 from Makerfarm and give it a try.

Thans again!

Lulzbot suggested to me the first layer thickness and Z offset may news to change when swapping nozzles on the Mini… to get the stick correct on the PEI.

The .5 is great for “functional” models… Prints stuff fast and the parts are strong. Never tried a .1 layer height, but it might look decent.

The .3 is great for detail oriented models, but excruciatingly slow to print with… at least when compared to the .4 or .5. :slight_smile:

Get two nozzles… Reduces down time when you need to clean them.

Make sure to search on how to remove the nozzles… The trick is heating up to 165C then removing with wrenches. When reinserting, need to heat to 165C, finger start the thread… the brass is soft so be careful not to cross thread.

Good luck!

thank you so much.
I am currently printing with 0.3mm nozzle and I am very happy with it!