Initial TAZ 5 frustrations

Hello All,

OK, I got my TAZ 5 today and everything was great; I put it all together and loaded Pronterface, leveled the bed and wanted to run some calibrations.
But I tried to extrude 5mm @ 100mm/s to clear the white material that Lulzbot used to run the test piece, but I keep getting a little squirt and then the hobbed bolt does the half moon thing!

Extruder temp is 185 material is PLA.
So I pull the PLA, trim and repeat. I’ve tried several (5?) times, same result.

Any thoughts?

Print a part, and I bet it will work.

It sounds like in pronterface the extruder speed, next to the length, shouldn’t be too high. Or the extruder gear goes waaaaay faster than it should. But if you printed a part, it wouldn’t strip out at all, because the extruder speed is set correctly in the print. Make sense?


If that wasn’t clear, see this pic:

Also, you’re printing PLA at 185C. For the TAZ 5, we recommend increasing that to 205C. We have a list of temperatures here:



Thanks for the fast reply. I tried printing the bed test under TAZ 5 in the support section with the sane result. I’ll increase the temp to what you recommend and try again.

MONEY!!! I’m having some adhesion issues, but I’ll deal with that.

Thank you!

Cool, good to hear.

jebba, does LulzBot print the test parts with ABS? If so, if Muggs was trying to clean that out with PLA at PLA melt temperature, it will not be hot enough to melt the ABS so it is, in effect, plugged. If this is the case, it should become part of the user guide.

The white test filament that came in mine was ABS or HIPS. Either way it needs the higher temps.

Yes, this is a good point, I thought we had considered it. The TAZ has traditionally shipped with an ABS octopus. The Mini ships with a yellow HIPS octopus. I don’t know if we switched that for the TAZ 5. But either way, it is ABS or HIPS, which is higher than PLA. I thought our guide accounted for that, but perhaps not.

You basically need to purge at the temp of the higher temp material.