interlayer bonding issue with TAZ 6

We recently bought a TAZ 6 Printer and initially it printed well however we had a minor issue on our last print where a part of the print cracked during use but it looked like it cracked along between two layers as though the layers had not adhered properly (see photo) other cracks are also visible. I assume that this is a settings issue (nozzle temp? print speed?).

The settings used are the recommended settings for PLA (village plastics) using the high speed profile however we use esun (who recommend a temperature range of 205 - 225 as opposed to the default 195 for village plastics PLA). There is no inbuilt profile for esun or other generic PLA filaments.

Any help with this is much appreciated.


Usually when a model is cracking along the layer lines it means the filament is getting cooled down too rapidly. As a start you can try turning your fans off to see if that helps, if that doesn’t resolve the issue you might look into the printers surrounding area. If there is a draft or vent that is creating a cold area by your printer it will cause poor layer adhesion. You can also try adding some sort of enclosure around your printer to contain the heat which should help fight this problem.

Good advice from Galadriel. A higher extrusion temp can also help… try 3-5C.

I also just went through this.

The best solution in my case was more “compression” between layers by having a thinner layer. Certainly want to make sure the layer is no more than 80% of the nozzle diameter. For me it was a night and day difference on a .4mm nozzle between .32mm layer(splitting) to .25(solid and strong).

And thanks for all the replies. Much appreciated.

I tried a higher temp (205 degrees vs the default of 195) and this made a huge improvement but i think i will also take the advice of @doenute and try reducing the layer height as well (currently 0.38mm - default for high speed profile).

I will report back on how things go.

Thanks for all the help.