Issues with Holes in Top of Print

I printed the Zombie Hunter Head ( from Thingiverse at a resolution of 0.1mm. I used Simplify3D to slice the file with:
-5 Solid Top Layers
-4 Solid Bottom Layers
-infill of 20%
-No Support
-Ext Temp 233
-Bed Temp 88
-No Fan

I am overall really happy with the quality of the printing except when it comes to the solid top layers of the model there ends up being these holes that can be seen in the photos.

Any idea on what is causing this and what could be done to fix it?

First thing I would try is increasing the infill. Try 40%.

Not sure exactly what .1mm resolution means, but if it means your layer height is .1mm that seems awfully small.
I’m thinking the hollow spaces left by the low% infill are just allowing the material your printing with (abs I assume) to drop down into the voids.

But I’m just guessing.

I have been using Simplify3d for months and love it! Unfortunately this latest major release introduced that same problem (holes in the top layers) for me as well :frowning: For some prints increasing the number of top shells to 8-10 worked…others seemed to resist this…

I also have that Problem since using simplify3d. That is probably the only Thing that slightly annoyed me in this Software.

So far I solved all of These Problems by going top solid layer 4-8 depending on how Little infill I’m running and how Long the print is. (If it’s a Long print and I want to be sure it won’t have holes I’ll do 8 top solid layers)

so far so good…