Kinect V2

I have an XBOX Kinect V2 and a Kinect to PC adapter on the way.
Does anyone have any experience using the Kienct V2?
How close and how small of an object can it scan?
I’m interested in scanning a 1/18 scale car model.


I guess I’ll be a pioneer.

I have experience with kinectV2, but with bigger objects (round 30 cm). Tried different software to get better results. The best quallity i got with Artec Studio 11, but resolution kinect can provide is not close enough to be sutable for 1/18 car model. It captures detales of objects i used to scan, but the trouble of tiny objects is tiny holes. really impossible to scan them with kinect. Once got luck to try profession scanner on tiny object with holes, it was Artec Spider as i remember. It was really hard to scan all this tiny detales.