Licensing the Hardware under an Open Source License

I was wondering if the Printer’s Hardware could be licensed under an open source license aka Mach 3.0 Open Design Pledge kinda like this

We have a “Respects your Freedom” certification from the Free Software Foundation: Most of our items are either GPLv3 or CC by SA. We are committed to Free & Libre hardware and software.

But shouldn’t open hardware have its own license I have an interesting idea for a Kickstarter/Indiegogo Which is to improve this site maybe add github intergration.I think a github/sourceforge for hardware will help improve lulzbot printers.

The budaschnozzle at least is licensed under the Creative Commons - Share Alike license.
Also, many of the older parts are on github.
Old TAZ Freecad files
Incomplete TAZ Openscad files