Lights flickering when printer is running?

I just got a new Taz 4 and when it runs all of the lights on the same circuit flicker badly. It seems that it is the power supply, it does this even when idle and the build platform is not heated. Has anyone run into this? Any solutions?

Mine only does that when I’m using the Heated Bed.

When I print with PLA and a bed with no heater, the lights do not flicker.

For what its worth, my lights are all Halogen, and the room is on a circuit with way too many computers, routers, printers, and other electronic devices.


Sounds like the circuit is near capacity. You can try getting a UPS/Power conditioner - that should stop the brownout you’re experiencing. The TAZ uses about 400 volt amps when running, so grab one that is about 2x that capacity.

Alternatively, if you have a 20 amp circuit available (washer/dryer outlets are that - just don’t run the printer and the appliance at the same time!) you can give that a go. Extension cords need to be rated for 20 amp though.

Mine does the same…you get to where it does not bother you :smiley:

Whats interesting with my TAZ is that it is on a UPS / line conditioner, and my crappy bathroom flourescent bulbs still pulse. None of the other lights on that circuit do though, and I know it isn’t at capacity. No idea why they do though. I’m going to replace them with LED bulbs soon anyways so it probably doesn’t matter.