LulzBot 3D Scanner

Did this project lose funding?

It is on hold at the moment to finish up the new website & some work on Easy TAZ Mini.


Still holding ?

(still interested)

I too am interested…

As for a coating to be used for reflective or odd materials, I have used LP inspection developer for weld or other crack inspection. It is a spray talc-like material that is matte white when it dries. A few light coats and the resulting surface is very 3d scanner friendly.


So the original version of this has been dropped. The code developed is out there, should someone find it useful.

But the company BQ in Spain has done work on software and hardware for a new free/libre/open version of a 3D Scanner:

I kept trying to find the “catch”–an NC license, the patent, the one part of it they locked down, but they didn’t. They are doing it right and awesome. They even designed it with FreeCAD and KiCAD, afaict.

But you can’t order the boards now, at least not for the USA. I haven’t reached out to them (much) yet, but when we get a breather, we’ll see where they are at. It could happen that much faster if we could throw resources at the same project.

So, not anytime soon, but we are definitely still interested.



Looks like you can get a full all up kit for about $400 US from the UK. They indicated in another thread they would be willing to ship one over here:

Cool, thanks, I ordered one.


I remember reading of some group that did the dance with a M$ Kinect v1… But was very persistent that they would not develop for the V2 Kinect.

I’m not entirely sure on M$'s scope of this camera, I haven’t seen any license issues when it comes to programming against it…

I’ve been blown away by what the Kinect v2 can do!!!
Just playing with some of it’s SDK’s, the examples have created 3D mappings of my living room, and can in “real-time”, give me bird’s eye…left…right… views and keep up with my movements…

It’s a bit of a resource hog… but man, I have a new respect for IR :open_mouth:

Here’s a link to build thread with pictures:

Attached to this post is a file from early testing.
oldlady-texture-3_subsampled-normals-reconstructed_flat-base.stl (5.5 MB)

Thats not bad at all. Did you do a top down shot as well on it, or just the rotation from the platform?

I need to build one of those when funds permit one of these days…

Just a rotation on the platform, it was very quick and easy. I ended up getting rid of a lot of data to make the processing lighter, so I think there’s a lot of room for improvement in fidelity, too.

Thread about how to generate printable .stl’s from .ply point cloud data:

Tried to install on Linux today and when I ran Horus, it said I must have picked the wrong camera ID. I followed the guide on the BQ…com site but I think it is missing a link or pointer to Webcam software to use for the scanner software. If I disconnect the camera it says I need to connect the camera. So it sees it but is missing something not listed in the install guide on the Horus page.

Check the terminal window. If you see some errors about exposure and HIGUI then you are using the wrong version of OpenCV. There’s a BQ Labs specific version of OpenCV you need.

If you’re on Fedora you can use the churchyard copr to get both Horus and opencv.