Lulzbot HOWTO - guides for printing new materials

Hey all!

We’ve put together some quick guides that will help get you through your first print with a new material. They’re called HOW-TO and give an overview, some pros and cons of the material as well as print settings that we’ve tested in house.

You can find the first bunch here (; so far we’ve got ABS, PLA, Thermoplastic urethane (ninjaflex/filaflex), PVA and T-glase and will continue adding more as we go :slight_smile:.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see a guide on!


FYI, the files are in Libre/Open Office format. We will be doing a regular website page with all this info nice & pretty, but for now, they are like this.

Cool! Many thanks to all the Lulzbot crew for your help.

Any thoughts on writing some “advanced class” ones later on how to get good part results for small parts, etc?