Michigan Tech: Opening Up Sustainability Technology

Link to the original case study: https://www.lulzbot.com/learn/case-studies/michigan-tech-opening-sustainability-technology
Learn more by downloading the new Michigan Tech LulzBot Case Study: https://www.lulzbot.com/sites/default/files/michigan-tech_3d-printing_case-study_web-ready.pdf
Pearce Research Group / MOST Lab http://www.mse.mtu.edu/~pearce/Index.html

Where many universities have found it difficult to encourage students to “[do] real science” within budgetary constraints, Dr. Joshua Pearce of Michigan Technological University says that with 3D printing and the use of open source hardware, he has brought applicable science to the classroom as well as saved the university tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Pearce leads the Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) Lab, which has completed a long list of impressive research and projects, described briefly in the case studies, that bring sustainability and cost effectiveness to a mind-boggling new level. On the third page of the New Michigan Tech case study, drastic price differences for standard research equipment are outlined between those purchased from proprietary sources and those 3D printed from an open source.