Min temp error and other codes. Need help.

So I’ve been having issues with my printer recently I have a lulzbot mini one. I recently had a friend of mine look at it did Diagnostic and even had it print for a while and wasn’t able to get it to replicate so I thought we fixed it with a simple Diagnostics and software update lo and behold I had it print at my home and with only maybe an hour left in the print it failed and gave me the dreaded minitemp error that I always get when it stops printing. attached are images of the error and the second image is scroll over to show what the error is I see that it says the bed and I did recently get a new bed so I’m wondering if I wired it incorrectly originally we thought it was the thermostat in the printhead but it seems to be printing fine I would like help to see if someone knows what’s going on or if there’s a fix I can do is so it doesn’t do this again in the future and if it does then I know how to fix it. I am puzzled to as why it’s doing this now cuz I have been using the printer for some time after I replace the bed I’ve had it run for almost 3 days total in hours and then all of a sudden it starts giving me the Min temp error issue

The heater wires going from rambo to the bed connector likely have a break in them. Its a common problem on the mini before they moved to igus cable chain. https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/bed-harness-cables-mini-100-103